My paintings strive to capture the many moods of nature. The four elements of fire, water, earth and sky represent patterns of energy, be it serenity, fury or stillness, that are featured prominently in my work. Encaustics use fire to transform the molten wax into works of art. Watercolor and acrylics with their fluid, flowing elements lend themselves beautifully to creating flowing water scenes, sunsets, and skies. My landscape paintings and photography celebrate the joy I feel upon seeing something eye catching and beautiful on this earth. Whether it’s beauty found in the rolling hills of central Virginia, at the Chesapeake Bay or my travels abroad, the visual inspiration I feel to create is a reflection of my life.

Trained as a classical singer, art, like music has contours, motion and textures. I approach art with musical elements in mind. I merely listen, adapt and enjoy the transformation that occurs when creating my art, turning it into its own abstract story.